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Equal rights and opportunities for women are not only matters of justice and dignity. When women and girls have equal rights in law and practice, their communities and countries also benefit....

30 May 2017

Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI)

A report from EIA exposes how corrupt Government officials and military personnel in Vietnam are complicit in smuggling huge quantities of illegal timber from Cambodia.

Despite growing...

8 May 2017


The biggest cause of forest loss – accounting for around 70 per cent – is agricultural deforestation, notably for beef, soy, palm oil and commercial timber. Soy ranks as the second largest...

27 Apr 2017


In May 2016, the Government of Lao PDR enacted a Prime Ministerial Order (PM15) which, along with other commitments, aimed to help control the country’s high deforestation rates and promote Laos’...

26 Apr 2017

Forest Trends

How do we meet the demand for wood products while minimizing CO2 emissions and biodiversity losses? In the context of forested landscapes already designated for timber production, should we...

12 Apr 2017

Bronson W. Griscom, Rosa C. Goodman, Zuzana Burivalova and Francis E. Putz, Conservation Letters