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As the world’s top importer and consumer of timber products, China is in a unique, and influential, position to take a leadership role to ensure that only legally and sustainably sourced timber –...

2 Aug 2017

Forest Trends

Since early 2000, Independent Forest Monitoring (IFM) has been championed by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as a way to document illegalities and promote stronger law enforcement in the...

1 Aug 2017


Commercial agricultural production caused nearly three-quarters of tropical forest loss between 2000 and 2012. A growing number of the companies producing and procuring agricultural commodities ...

31 Jul 2017

Global Canopy Programme

This factsheet from CIFOR looks at the rate of deforestation in Borneo and the effects of agriculture, logging, palm oil and forest fires have had on the landscape over the years.

In 1973,...

31 Jul 2017