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How do we meet the demand for wood products while minimizing CO2 emissions and biodiversity losses? In the context of forested landscapes already designated for timber production, should we...

12 Apr 2017

Bronson W. Griscom, Rosa C. Goodman, Zuzana Burivalova and Francis E. Putz, Conservation Letters

This report from FERN follows a spate of recent work examining company commitments to reduce or end their role in deforestation. What makes this report different is that it looks at the issue from...

30 Mar 2017


A new briefing by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) concerning serious, ongoing enforcement failures in the protection of endangered rosewood species.

Prohibited Permits ...

29 Mar 2017

EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency)

This paper analyzes potential synergies between two recent sustainable development initiatives, namely the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reducing emissions from deforestation and forest...

27 Mar 2017

Mairon G. Bastos Lima, Gabrielle Kissinger, Ingrid J. Visseren-Hamakers, Josefina Bran˜a-Varela and Aarti Gupta

This report presents findings from an assessment study on the quality of participation of civil society actors in REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) and FLEGT VPA...

23 Mar 2017

Poshendra Satyal, University of East Anglia