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LoggingOff and Fern publish occasional Forest Watch updates detailing events in countries negotiating a Voluntary Partnership Agreement from a civil society perspective. In the November 2017...

16 Nov 2017


One of the largest timber smuggling operations in history is revealed today by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) in a report that shows how over 1.4 million illegal rosewood logs from...

9 Nov 2017


Global Witness’s undercover investigation 'Buyers in Good Faith: How Timber Exporters are Complicit in Plundering Peru's Amazon' exposes some of the major exporters involved in Peru’s biggest...

9 Nov 2017

Global Witness

This report draws on, consolidates, and interprets data from various initiatives by leading think tanks and research organizations engaged in tracking finance related to forests, reducing...

24 Oct 2017

Climate Focus

Mining poses significant and potentially underestimated risks to tropical forests worldwide. In Brazil’s Amazon, mining drives deforestation far beyond operational lease boundaries, yet the full...

18 Oct 2017

Laura J. Sonter, Diego Herrera, Damian J. Barrett, Gillian L. Galford1, Chris J. Moran & Britaldo S. Soares-Filho - in Nature