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The fight against global warming is being threatened by countries renowned for their green credentials, new research by a group of...

22 May 2017
Hannah Mowat, FERN
Austria, Finland, France, Hannah Mowat, FERN, Poland, Sweden, Climate change & REDD

A UK backed deal to protect the world’s second largest rainforest is struggling, just over a year since it was signed and amid rising concerns over deforestation, corruption and political...

18 May 2017
Joe Sandler Clarke, Greenpeace Energydesk
Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Joe Sandler Clarke, Greenpeace Energydesk, Norway, Republic of Congo, Climate change & REDD, Illegal Logging, Forest governance

After nearly six years of negotiation Mrs Astrid Schomaker, Director for Global Sustainable Development of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment and Dr Ha Cong Tuan,...

11 May 2017
European Commission
European Commission, FLEGT, Vietnam, EU Timber Regulation, Voluntary Partnership Agreements, Illegal Logging

A recent ...

9 May 2017
Climate News Network
Brazil, Climate News Network, Tenure & land rights, Climate change & REDD, Illegal forest conversion, Illegal Logging

In their fight for the rights of peninsular Malaysia’s native people, the Orang Asli, an alliance of women are making waves in the country’s highly conservative society as they support the efforts...

8 May 2017
Malaysia,, Tenure & land rights, Illegal Logging