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Dutch bank Rabobank and U.N. Environment have announced a $1 billion programme to finance new ways of farming that curb emissions, restore the land and protect forests.

Agriculture produces...

18 Oct 2017
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Brazil, Indonesia, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Forest finance, Climate change & REDD, Illegal forest conversion

Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon fell 16% in the year to July 2017 compared to the same period a year prior, the first decline in three years, the country's environment minister has announced....

17 Oct 2017
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Brazil, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Independent forest monitoring, Climate change & REDD

Fifteen judges from the EU’s highest court have today heard arguments from Poland’s Environment Minister and the European Commission about...

17 Oct 2017
Client Earth
Client Earth, Poland, Illegal Logging

In barely more than a month, President Michel Temer signed three decrees concerning the National Copper and Associated Reserve (RENCA), located on the border of Amapá and Pará states. In the first...

27 Sep 2017
Brazil,, Tenure & land rights, Illegal forest conversion

Tropical timber has earned a bad reputation. When we think of timber from lush, tropical forests, it conjures up images of valuable old-growth trees pillaged by logging companies and illegal...

21 Sep 2017, Sustainability certification