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Lawmakers in Indonesia are adamant about passing new legislation on the palm oil industry this year, amid concerns from activists and even the executive branch of government.


12 Jan 2018
Indonesia,, Tenure & land rights, Climate change & REDD, Illegal forest conversion

SHANGHAI, Jan 5 (Reuters) - China will plant new forests covering an area roughly the size of Ireland this year as it aims to increase forest coverage to 23 per cent of its total landmass by the...

5 Jan 2018
Thomson Reuters Foundation
China, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Climate change & REDD, Forest governance
Wood workers in Indonesia. Photo: EU FLEGT and REDD facilities.

Penny Mordaunt, the new head of the UK Department for International Development (DFID), has highlighted the need for the UK to expand trade with developing countries and build competitive markets...

30 Nov 2017
Eleanor Glover, Chatham House
Eleanor Glover, Chatham House, FLEGT, Indonesia, UK, Voluntary Partnership Agreements, Illegal Logging, Forest governance

Furniture seller Lombok has become the first UK company to be...

22 Nov 2017
Client Earth
Client Earth, UK, EU Timber Regulation

Brussels/Luxembourg - The EU Court of Justice decided to impose a daily penalty of EUR...

20 Nov 2017
Poland, WWF (EU), Illegal Logging