Supply Change: Tracking Corporate Commitments to Deforestation-Free Supply Chains, 2017

15 Mar 2017
Forest Trends

Recent years have witnessed a groundswell of private sector commitments to reducing deforestation linked to the agricultural commodities that underpin vast corporate supply chains.

A growing number of companies have been sharing their progress toward those pledges, according to the latest annual report from Forest Trends’ Supply Change initiative.

The report, 'Supply Change: Tracking Corporate Commitments to Deforestation-free Supply Chains, 2017', looks at 447 companies that have made 760 commitments to curb forest destruction in supply chains linked to the “big four” agricultural commodities: palm, soy, timber & pulp, and cattle.

These commodities end up in products found in virtually all consumer goods – from hamburgers to t-shirts – and together are responsible for over a third of tropical deforestation.