Reducing Inequality in a Turbulent World: Scaling-up strategies to secure indigenous, community, and women’s land rights

2 Oct 2017
Stockholm, Sweden

In 2013, leading Indigenous Peoples, community organizations, NGOs, governments, private companies, and investors met in Interlaken to devise strategies to scale up global efforts to secure community land and resource rights. Last September, the meeting conevened in Bern to assess and establish a new baseline from which to measure global progress.

Now with unprecedented commitments to respect community land rights from leading companies, governments, donors, and international organizations a suite of new tools and initiatives designed to support communities’ ongoing struggle to assert their rights has been established—and the power of the world’s Indigenous Peoples and local communities has already begun to demonstrate their effectiveness. Amidst this progress, the pressure on land continues to grow, and community members who assert their rights continue to do so at grave risk.

It is time to once again convene, take-stock of what works and what doesn’t, and build on our shared progress. The problems the meetings seeks to address are global in scale. Seizing the opportunity that recent—and unprecedented—commitments to respect rights bring will require great ambition and a willingness to collaborate across diverse and sometimes unlikely partners.

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