Lacey & EU Timber Regulation Enforcement Workshop: Substantiated Concerns, Producer Country Cooperation, and Cameroon Supply Chains

28 Oct 2014
UN FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy


This three-day event brought together enforcement officials involved with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and US Lacey Act as part of an ongoing series of workshops encouraging collaboration and effective implementation of forest product legal trade legislation.

Days 1 and 2

This workshop, held on 28-29 October, focused on standards for NGOs wishing to submit 'substantiated concerns' in the EUTR context, and best practice in cooperation with enforcement agents in forest producer countries.

Day 3

This workshop focused on Cameroonian timber supply chains entering the EU and US directly and indirectly, the domestic legal context and appropriate documentation of legal compliance, risk analysis, and credible risk mitigation in the national context.

This event is the latest in a series of EUTR/Lacey/Australian ILPA enforcement workshops co-organized by Chatham House and Forest Trends.

Presentations from the workshops are available below. Workshop summaries will be available shortly.