How business can measure the impact - and ROI - of corporate sustainability

21 Jun 2017

The Innovation Forum will be hosting a conference around ‘How business can measure the impact - and ROI - of corporate sustainability’ in London on 21st-22nd June 2017.

This two-day, multi-stakeholder event will bring together brands, retailers, suppliers, investors and key NGOs in an off-the-record discussion on what we know so far about measuring sustainability impact and safeguarding against future risk. As this is both a crucial, but also emerging area, the objective of the conference is to discuss what initiatives organisations currently have in place, and what can be learnt from each other to improve processes and practices.

There will be focused, practical sessions around:

  • How to make your board take environmental and social impact analysis seriously
  • Establishing corporate impact measurement systems: Best practices and lessons learnt
  • Social impact assessments: How to put metrics and methodologies into practice
  • Data collection and frequency: improve the collection process and avoid unnecessary “junk” data
  • Investor perspective: How are their expectations of companies on social and environmental measurement, data and performance evolving in 2017 and beyond?
  • Internal and external communication: How to explain performance measures to different stakeholders, including consumers and customers

For more information see the full conference agenda here.