EUTR and the Imported Furniture Sector

22 Oct 2013
Royal Society, London

The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) came into force in March 2013, requiring all EU member states to identify and ready a competent authority (CA) to ensure that all relevant companies are in compliance with its three core requirements: that operators exercise appropriate due diligence in their sourcing of timber; that they avoid ‘first placing’ illegal timber and products on the European market; and that subsequent traders keep records to ensure that supply chains within the EU can be traced if necessary.

This workshop, held at the British Academy on 22 and 23 October 2013, was the third in the series of meetings on the implementation of the EUTR hosted by Chatham House. Presentations and meeting summaries from the previous meetings can be found [here] The workshops aimed to highlight relevant enforcement experience from other regulatory sectors and jurisdictions, facilitate the sharing of best practice between the EU27 national competent authorities, and support the development of a shared set of tools for use in implementation.

The third workshop brought together enforcement officials from EU member state CAs as well as technical experts and industry representatives to discuss the implications of the EUTR for imported furniture, the particular characteristics of the sector and specific challenges and tools available for enforcement.