Buyers in good faith: How timber exporters are complicit in plundering Peru’s Amazon

9 Nov 2017


Global Witness report: How timber exporters are complicit in plundering Peru’s Amazon

Global Witness’s undercover investigation 'Buyers in Good Faith: How Timber Exporters are Complicit in Plundering Peru's Amazon' exposes some of the major exporters involved in Peru’s biggest timber scandal and found that companies caught up in the Yacu Kallpa scandal knew or had reason to suspect their exports from the Amazon rainforest were illegal, according to undercover footage.

Alongside the report Global Witness have released a series of videos exposing the exporters’ complicity in Peru’s open secret: the corruption in the country’s timber industry.

The trade in illegal timber has numerous serious impacts on Peru and Peruvians, fostering widespread corruption and furthering the exploitation and invasion of indigenous peoples’ land and resources. In addition, it contributes to the unsustainable deforestation and degradation of the Amazon basin –  a major source of carbon emissions and cause of climate change – and is widely reported to involve, or to be connected to, assassinations, forced labour, tax evasion, prostitution, human rights violations, land-trafficking, narco-trafficking and organised crime.