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  • Welcome to the
    Illegal Logging Portal

  • Welcome to the
    Illegal Logging Portal

  • Welcome to the
    Illegal Logging Portal

The Illegal Logging Portal, hosted and maintained by Chatham House, provides information on illegal logging and the trade in illegal timber. It provides an overview of some of the key issues and developments, and includes a searchable database of documents and news items from around the world.

Latest News

22 May 2017
The fight against global warming is being threatened by countries renowned for their green credentials, new research by...
18 May 2017
A UK backed deal to protect the world’s second largest rainforest is struggling, just over a year since it was signed...
11 May 2017
After nearly six years of negotiation Mrs Astrid Schomaker, Director for Global Sustainable Development of the European...
09 May 2017
A recent violent attack on a group of indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest of northern Brazil is seen by...

Recent Documents

08 May 2017
A report from EIA exposes how corrupt Government officials and military...
27 Apr 2017
The biggest cause of forest loss – accounting for around 70 per cent – is...
26 Apr 2017
In May 2016, the Government of Lao PDR enacted a Prime Ministerial Order (PM15...
12 Apr 2017
How do we meet the demand for wood products while minimizing CO2 emissions and...

Update Meeting

19-20 June 2017 - Chatham House - 27th Illegal Logging Update & Stakeholder Consultation Meeting

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