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The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil is a not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder initiative that has developed global standards for responsible palm oil. The organisation has developed a set of...

24 Apr 2017
NEPCon, Legality verification & supply chain control

As the earth gets warmer, nations are putting their hope in tropical rainforests. Located along the equatorial belt of the planet, scientists estimate tropical forests are home to...

13 Apr 2017
Cambodia, Indonesia,, Climate change & REDD, Illegal forest conversion, Forest governance

A decarbonization roadmap recently published in Science outlines decadal targets that put into...

3 Apr 2017
Nancy Harris, Richard Waite and Katie Fletcher, Global Forest Watch Blog
Brazil, Nancy Harris, Richard Waite and Katie Fletcher, Global Forest Watch Blog, Climate change & REDD, Illegal forest conversion

Providing formal land ownership titles to indigenous communities is one of the most effective ways to preserve endangered rainforest in Peru's Amazon, said a study published on Monday.


3 Apr 2017
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Peru, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Tenure & land rights, Illegal Logging, Forest governance

HURUNGWE, Zimbabwe, March 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - One of the world's largest forest conservation projects has managed to curb deforestation in northern Zimbabwe, but the slow sale of...

29 Mar 2017
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Thomson Reuters Foundation, Zimbabwe, Climate change & REDD