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13 September 2008




Papua New Guinea

Greenpeace Protest Targeted Wrong Company

Melbourne, Australia - An independent export monitor says a Greenpeace protest in Papua New Guinea (PNG) last week, targeted the wrong company.

Greenpeace based its protest on documents by export monitor SGS that linked a Malaysian company, Rimbunan Hijau, to a logging operation. But SGS has since said its documents were incorrect, according to Radio Australia.

Greenpeace activists prevented an export ship from loading logs bound for China at a remote port on the PNG south coast, saying it belonged to Rimbunan Hijau.Greenpeace said it was protesting illegal logging in PNG.

Rimbunan Hijau, PNG's largest logging company rejected the Greenpeace claims that it was linked to the operation.

A January report by independent export monitor SGS had listed Rimbunan Hijau as the owner of the logging operation.

In a statement now however, SGS said it had found no obvious shareholding connection between the two.

It said it would be revising its monthly reports to the PNG Government so that the logging operation is no longer listed under Rimbunan Hijau.


Assessing illegal logging

Chatham House is assessing the scale and effectiveness of the response to illegal logging and the related trade around the world. Full details of this work, including analysis and data, will be available online soon.